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Why join RedBrick Rewards?
  • Free and easy to join!
  • Earn 10 RedBrick Rewards Points for every dollar spent on qualified purchases in a participating location!
  • Receive a $10 reward for every 1000 RedBrick Rewards Points you earn!
  • Your rewards are automatically placed in your RedBrick Rewards account. To redeem them, just present your RedBrick loyalty card or account number at the time of purchase.
What else do I get?
  • Receive a free small gelato just by registering your RedBrick Rewards account!
  • Your RedBrick loyalty card can also be used as a prepaid or gift card.
  • As a registered and opted-in RedBrick Rewards member, you may also receive special promotions, coupons and invitations to exclusive events at RedBrick Pizza locations.

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