Travel the world. Hit the golf course. Start or buy another company. These are a few typical paths when founders cash out by selling their franchise to investors. Instead, Jim and Lynn Minidis are pouring their resources into their three-year-old foundation aimed at feeding hungry Americans.

Their franchise is RedBrick Pizza, started in 1998 in California with pizzas cooked in under three minutes, long before the current fast-baked artisan pizza craze. “We’ve always been very health-conscious, into exercise, and we understood what exercise and a healthy diet meant to your overall well-being. We formulated our products to be healthier than the competition,” Jim Minidis says.

They started franchising in 2001, zoomed up to 70 locations by 2006 or so and then ran into trouble. BRIX Holdings, the Dallas-based franchise holding company, bought RedBrick last year and plans to re-launch the brand.

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