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Why join RedBrick Rewards?
  • Free and easy to join!
  • Earn 10 RedBrick Rewards Points for every dollar spent on qualified purchases in a participating location!
  • Receive a $10 reward for every 1000 RedBrick Rewards Points you earn!
  • Your rewards are automatically placed in your RedBrick Rewards account. To redeem them, just present your registered RedBrick loyalty card or account number at the time of purchase.
What else do I get?
  • Receive a free small gelato just by registering your RedBrick Rewards account!
  • Your RedBrick loyalty card can also be used as a prepaid or gift card.
  • As a registered and opted-in RedBrick Rewards member, you may also receive special promotions, coupons and invitations to exclusive events at RedBrick Pizza locations.

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